There is an alarming trend in new car departments across the industry. Net profit per car has been in a freefall for 5+ years, and the average dealer is now losing over $400 per new car sold.

New car sales volumes are declining and grosses are marginal on most models. At the same time rent, inventory holding costs, and advertising expenses are on the rise. The age old approach of “Just sell more” is no longer a viable recipe for success in today’s environment. Dealers will need to adapt to these new realities by improving their operational efficiency.

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Brian Finkelmeyer
Brian Finkelmeyer serves as the Director of Business Development for Conquest at vAuto. In this role, Brian helps dealers maximize their new vehicle sales and profitability, through better use of market intelligence to guide their stocking, merchandising, pricing and inventory trade decisions. Prior to vAuto, Brian spent 18 years with Nissan North America in a variety of sales leadership positions. Brian is a graduate of the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

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