Date: Tuesday, June 19, 2018
Time: 2:00PM Eastern

Nearly all dealership processes and customer interactions are wrapped into systems like CRM, DMS, and various fixed operation tools that manage everything from scheduling to invoicing. With this level of integration, improvements in dealership operations may require changes in technology. But successfully implementing a new Dealer Management System (DMS) requires more than just software adoption—it is part of an all-inclusive strategy that can involve compatibility issues across multiple platforms and operational changes that require training and cultural acclimation.

Industry veteran John Grace, VP of Operations, Dealertrack DMS, shares insights and experiences from dealers who have successfully navigated the transition from one DMS to another. He covers the top five things you need to do before you consider a switch and the steps to take to ensure that the transition is a success.

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John Grace
Associate Vice President
Dealertrack DMS Operations

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