The way consumers buy cars has changed significantly in recent years. A vast majority of the car-buying experience has been done online before the customer even walks on your lot – in fact, consumers are nearly 60% of the way through the customer journey before they reach out. Because of this, the question many dealerships have on their minds is, what can they do to turn those online searchers into offline buyers. The simple answer is consistent interaction across the entire customer journey.

In this presentation, you will learn to identify key points in the car-buying experience to engage with your customers, discuss the importance of interacting with customers on their terms, and show you how increased interaction can provide valuable insights into your business.

Key takeaways include:


Nico Dato - VP Marketing
Nico Dato serves as Head of Marketing at Podium, an online review management platform that allows businesses to generate and maintain online reviews on Google, Facebook, and many more. Nico received his BS in Economics from the University of Utah, and he continues to fuse his passion for statistics, design, and digital marketing to produce measurable results.
Jon Eyre - Director of Content
Jon is currently serving as the director of content at Podium. He is a skilled customer and content marketer with nearly 10 years experience working for high tech firms like Altiris, Symantec, LivePerson, and Smartling. He is comfortable writing to both consumer and B2B audiences and has the uncanny ability to take complex subjects and make them more accessible.

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