86% of consumers say that personalized shopping experiences factor into their purchase decisions*, but what tools and technologies are making personalization possible for dealers? Join Katie Wilkins, Director of Website Products at Dealer.com, as she dives deep into this topic and helps dealers drive more relevant experiences for car shoppers.

*Rethinking Retail: Insights from Consumers and retailers into an omni-channel shopping experience, http://www.infosys.com/newsroom/press-releases/Documents/genome-research-report.pdf


Katie Wilkins, Director of Website Products, Dealer.com

Katie Wilkins is the Director of Website Products at Dealer.com focused on delivering innovative solutions to our automotive clients. Katie began working for Dealer.com in 2009 as a Project Manager. In 2013, Katie transitioned to Products focusing on Product Readiness for Websites and Digital Retailing. She’s been in charge of Website Product Management since 2015.

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